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Ramblings of my absence

Posted By cherylbianca ~ Mar 9, 2010 9:01AM

It's been 3 months since I last touched onsugar.

Was down with some heart issues and was too depressed to do anything, much less blogging. It was one of the darkest period of my life. Had always wanted to be back, but seriously, the situation was so bad that I lose myself. For those who followed my twitter or are in my facebook, will probably have seen some of my unhappy tweets and updates. It took me quite awhile to snap out of it. But many thanks to my friends who were by my side during this period of time, accompanying me when I needed them the most. Right now, I'm adapting to it and hope everything is going to be better for the future.

Hope all of you readers aren't angry with me for my sudden absence.

Besides heart matters, school has been pretty harsh on me. Lots of assignments and stress to face to. Am working really hard on it whilst trying to get distracted from my moodiness.

I shall not ramble on depressing stuffs or my tears are definitely gonna stream down all over again. I'm going to share with you something related to makeup. No tutorials for now, but am working on it soon.

On Sunday, I experienced being a makeup artist for a fashion show for the first time. Truly an amazing experience. Totally different from the usual photography shoots that I went. Met alot of other makeup artists and learnt alot from the rest too. So here's the event.


It was a fundraising event for Haiti earthquake. In collaboration with some of the blogshops, this event turned out to be a success. Pardon the next few photos, because it was taken by my iPhone, therefore, some of it are pretty blur.

Due to the scorching sun, there were lots of makeups melting in the process. Totally challenging us to utilise whatever we had on hands.

Another mad rush in the hotel room. It was chaotic!!

Models sitting at the corridor of the hotel, awaiting for the fashion runway to start.

One of the models that I did makeup for. Had to do a total of 3 different looks, but I failed to take pictures of the other 2 looks. It was bold, something that I never tried before. Love the outlooks!

Mad blur picture. Valerie is another makeup artist that I know through this fashion show. Uber sweet and nice.

Totally had fun while doing this. Sadly, I did not have pictures of the fashion runway too because I was busy touching up models at the backstage. Shall wait for the organisers to send me the photos instead.

That's all for now! Shall blog again soon!

Once again, apologies for not updating for the past 2 months! Hope all of you understand!

God Bless,


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That's cool my dear.. hey beb i am sorry that i wasn't the one to be there for you.. i hope you are doing good honestly me & fatin with some other girls miss you. I tot you were busy with skool, work & the nail course so i don't really wanna disturb you. Do text me when ya free.. glad to know ya back :)

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Aww, so nice of you and Fatin. School is indeed busy, but usually I would take time off to do my blog. But this problem that I faced was really bad. So depressing. Initially, wanted to gave this site up too because I felt that my absence will definitely make me lost alot of readers. So glad to know some of you still care. Thank you!

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:) hey.. a good reader reads & stay no matter you are still here or not.. I do care cause i know you are a nice person well we can't always run from the problems. I am always here for you ok take ya time & belief in yourself. Ya most welcome my dear..

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awww, u were missed la *hugs* hope u r feeling better.

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Hope you're feeling better now, Biancalove. All of us Onsugarettes definitely miss you! You don't have to apologize on your absence ok. We all understand.

"When you're close to tears, remember, one day this will all be over. Someday you'll stand high. A broken heart can't be that bad, so please don't be sad..."


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glad you're feeling better!

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